Parking Management system is built to facilitate parking spaces in colleges and institutions. It helps you to track entry and exit of the staff member and students in university campus. Enabling full proof security and effective parking facilities this parking management system keeps an eye on daily transactions. It maintains collection reports, vehicles reports and manages all parking lots.
It ties in with the access control system like automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc. It can also be linked with number plate recognition system.
In addition to it this easy to use and customized parking management tool will let you to impose and create different tax category and parking charges for different type of vehicles.


Keeps track of vehicle data at the time of entry as well as exit.
Manages VIP parking, reservations, hired cars and vehicles
Reports ­ Various types of reports in combination with card data, settlement data and operator information
Assigns every staff member a user name, unique password, and an authorization profile
Enables to easily access previous information.