Registry module or the programme executive module is for managing the entire data related to students, courses, cohorts, attendance, assessments and invoicing etc. The admin staff have the capability to access courses and student information using this application based on the roles and permissions allotted to them in the system.

Features Student Admission

This module handles all aspects of student admission, batches, attendance, time table and exams

Enterprise-Grade Security

This module is for managing fee collections, discounts, taxes and basics of accounting.

Messaging Library Module for Colleges

Internal messaging system for

  • Courses & modules (subjects) with elective groups
  • Fee setup with options of particulars and adding discounts and taxes
  • Companies (if they paying for student fees)
  • Numbering pattern for student enrollment number and invoice number
Cohorts / Batches
  • Create cohorts / batches
  • Select modules and facilitators
  • Add students
  • Invoice details
  • Manage student electives
  • Time table along with time table sheet
  • Attendance and download attendance sheet
  • Add and print invoices
  • Cancel invoices with the option to add reason
  • Switch cohorts
  • Enrolment number, personal details, contact details, previous education, past employment, passport, documents, photo etc.
  • Assign to courses and batches (can be assigned to multiple batches across multiple campuses) and generate batch wise roll numbers
  • Batch / cohort shifting or switching
  • Attendance and assessment marks with results
  • Track assignments and tasks
  • Print bar coded photo ID cards
Time Table
  • Classroom and time slot creation
  • Multiple time table creation
  • Exam schedule
  • Upload annual syllabus
  • Upload tentative dates for syllabus completion
  • Track syllabus completed
Assessments / Exams
  • Creating masters like assessment type, grades, terms, result pattern and recommendations.
  • Adding assessment marks, grades or comments. Generating assessment results.
  • Print transcripts, result letters, mark sheets, admit cards and certificates
Reports (Ready interface with excel for export of data)
News, circulars and notices / Academic calendar / Message board
Audit Logs for time table, attendance, marks, transcript printing and student details
Send SMS / emails to staff and students
Internal messaging system among staff and students login
Drop down editor to add / edit and delete all values of drop down lists