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Ifnoss - a subset of "ifnoss" is a simple, comprehensive, personalized student information management system used by education institutions worldwide.

Ifnoss is a solution with a completely customizable core and a simple interface that enables you to function as you want to. Ifnoss adapts to your style and speaks your language. We have removed the hassles of complex equipment and costly IT support required. Ifnoss provides the decision makers with the right information at the right time for informed decision making. It empowers your academic institution to drive efficiencies, and enhance student experiences. By reducing the manual repetitive non value added work, Ifnoss keeps the employees happy thereby increasing their productivity.

Ifnoss is a simple yet powerful education erp software that manages records and functions related to students, teachers, employees, courses, attendance, time table, hostel, library, inventory and others to help you to run your institute efficiently. This education management system has an inbuilt student management system to facilitate two-way information flow in real time. Ifnoss is an efficient institute management system that helps educational institutions worldwide in all administration and management related activities. This system can be customized to work as software for education institutions anywhere in the world. Ifnoss delivers excellence for -

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Institutes
  • Language Schools
  • Computer Institutes
  • Franchisee Institutions
Ifnoss Education Software

Ifnoss Key Features

Fully Customizable

Ifnoss Software is fully customizable as per the requirement of the institution. It adapts itself with your style of working without asking you to change the way you work.

Multi Lingual

Ifnoss Software is multi lingual with the ability to change any of the phrases or text. So you do not need to change your language. The software adapts itself to the way you communicate.

Multi Campus

Ifnoss Software is a multi campus and multi location software that can work across different time zones. So if you have a campus in USA and another in Europe, you can easily sync your data.

Benefits of our Solutions

Minimizing high administrative overheads
Easy to use and high functionality footprint
Strong financial control and flexibility


Time-saving in processing student applications


Time-saving in payment collection deposits and rental


Reduction in paper and file retention


Reduction in human error


Reduction in time to turn a room around with mobile technology

Ifnoss on cloud and ifnoss license options

Deployment Options

Ifnoss software can be deployed on your own local servers by opting for its licensed version and you can also take our PAAS service and host it on our servers too.

You can also opt for Ifnoss as cloud and use our services through SAAS model.

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