IFNOSS visitor / front desk management system software is a simple, perfect and secured software for colleges/universities to monitor the visitors. IFNOSS makes it easy to record basic guest information, sign in visitors, issue name badges and track who is on the premises at all times. It also records address, phone no, emails and the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s location. All in all it offers a comprehensive solution to all visitor management needs.


  • It monitors check-in check out process.
  • Effective and quick visitor verification.
  • It gives instant and relevant visitor information.
  • The system controls movement of unwanted visitors.
  • Manages visitor records with their vehicle number, purpose of visit, person to visit etc.
  • Reports – tracking visitors using the following criteria’s

    • Vehicle number wise
    • Name wise
    • Person to meet wise
    • Company wise