Staff login or faculty management system module is crafted for handling the particulars of all the faculty members in the university / college. This module organizes the schedules of lectures, upload syllabus, notes etc. and add attendance details as well. This technically equipped module system provides internal messaging system to get in touch with students, their parents and faculty members. Assigning tasks to students gets easier with the assistance of this module. This module also helps them to apply for leaves, download salary slips, and update their particulars, personal information etc. in the college records. All in all best and full- fledged package of faculty management system it is.

Staff portal outlooks the following information

Viewing -
  • Personal details along with photographs
  • Attendance
  • Time table
  • Syllabus
  • Student Mark sheet
  • Holiday calendar & Academic schedule
  • News & notices
  • Salary Information
  • Exam schedule
Adding students grades & internal & external marks
Add student attendance
Adding Course material, Term papers, Assignments & Question bank
Send emails to faculty & other students
Leave Application
Update syllabus completed
Update their extracurricular day to day activities
Appraisal form
  • View library books allotted to them
  • Library Book searching & reservation
  • List of new arrivals