Student admission inquiry management system in ifnoss assists you with all the required details of initial process that any college or university follows right from query to registration. Ifnoss inquiry module tracks complete details related to all student inquiries by phone, email, walk-ins and provides proper follow-up to all enquiries. Moreover you can track the status and success rate of enquiries. Its quick response of dealing inquiries ensures the growth of institution with every new association. Given below are some of the basic features in the systen with many more in the process.


  • Courses master
  • Document master
  • Inquiry group
  • Inquiry sources
  • Inquiry status
  • Rate card
  • Add new leads / inquiry with their personal details, parent details, previous education, previous employment if any, documents, and course inquired for.
  • View all/my inquiries
  • Assign multiple leads to one student
  • Assign inquiries to other staff
  • View list of leads (students)
  • View list of inquiries
Activities against inquiries
  • Log call - track details of all telephonic communication with the leads and schedule calls to be done.
  • Meetings - track details of meetings held with the leads and schedule future meetings
  • Tasks / follow-ups - create tasks to be done and manage follow-ups
  • Emails - keep track of emails and other communications made with the leads
  • Notes - make notes related to leads
  • Inquiry reports
  • Inquiry student wise
  • Inquiry course wise
  • Inquiry source wise
  • Inquiry staff wise
  • Leads / student details
Audit Logs
Send sms and emails
Web form to pull leads directly in the software