Hostel management system offers a full featured accomodation system to efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the university of college. Reducing the staff & paper works, this accomodation software will keep the updated records of students, their meal, lodging, transfer room and other facilities. The software allocates rooms to the registered students based on their preferences and records their details of using food, lodging and other facilities along with fee and other advance payment details. The system also gathers a feedback on the room, food and other amenities on a regular basis and sends fee reminders to all registered students. This hostel management system monitors attendance, disciplinary logs, room charge status and check-in check-out in hostel premises.


Building information
  • Hostel name and type (Girls, Boys or Staff etc)
  • Hostel location
  • Number of floors and rooms
Room information
  • Room strength
  • Room assets and details
  • Room facilities
Student information
  • Student details
  • Room allocation/availability
  • Room shifting
Student in and out attendance
Mess bill collection & Hostel bills Master
Maintenance Charges and Repairs
Daily expenses of Hostel
Visitor Record