The enquiries module keeps track of all your inquiries and leads for your courses.


  • Courses master
  • Document master
  • Enquiry group
  • Enquiry sources and sub sources
  • Enquiry status
  • Define rate card
  • Add new leads / enquiry with their personal details, parent details, previous education, previous employment if any, documents, and course inquired for.
  • View all enquiries
  • View my enquiries
  • Assign enquiries to other staff
  • View list of leads (students)
  • View list of enquiries
Activities against enquiries
  • Log call - track details of all telephonic communication with the leads and schedule calls to be done.
  • Meetings - track details of meetings held with the leads and schedule future meetings
  • Tasks / follow-ups - create tasks to be done and manage follow-ups
  • Emails - keep track of emails and other communications made with the leads
  • Notes - make notes related to leads
  • Enquiry reports
  • Enquiry student wise
  • Enquiry course wise
  • Enquiry source wise
  • Enquiry staff wise
  • Leads / student details
Audit Logs
Send sms and emails