Partnership Opportunity

We're excited about your interest in becoming a Ifnoss reseller! This section will help you understand the program and evaluate whether it's a good fit for your business.

The Ifnoss Partner Program offers IT solution providers the ability to take Ifnoss – a cloud-based suite of academic institution management – to new and existing customers.

While many academic institutions are interested in the benefits of Ifnoss, Creativ Eras don’t have the time, staff, or expertise to fully adopt ifnoss software into their business processes to empower their organizations, creating opportunities for trusted technology advisors. More and more of them are bringing Ifnoss Software to their customers through the ifnoss partner Program.

Creativ Eras recognizes that partners who are the trusted advisors and technology consultants to businesses play the pivotal role of helping them get the best out of Ifnoss Software.

Strategic business process consulting, worry-free management of the services, and comprehensive support are a few of the valuable services that resellers are providing around Ifnoss Software to grow recurring revenue streams and deepen customer relationships. Partners in this program also benefit from a recurring revenue on the annual Ifnoss Software licensing fee.

Partners focusing on project-based revenue can manage customer deployments including data migration, provide user training and best practices and tackle systems integration. They do not have to worry about the technical aspects as that part will be completely handled by Creativ Eras.