Who We Are

Creativ Eras - a product development company since 2005

Creativ Eras is a company that accelerates business growth by rapidly bringing innovative products and digital solutions to market. Our insight into streamlining and improving the generation, quality and management of data has translated into improved day to day systematic data handling for our customers. We follow a customer centric approach rather than the product centric approach.

Since the inception of the company in the internet industry in 2005, we have been conceptualising and strategising customised solutions in sync with our clients’ business philosophy. Powered by a state-of the-art development, Creativ Eras has catered many global clients in the commercial, industrial and government sectors, across a diverse range of key vertical markets. Through more than 10 years of developing customized software, we’ve been privileged to work with companies in an array of industries. Our team of technologists, engineers, and product managers work collaboratively with businesses to develop successful software products and seamless customer experiences.

Solving Complex Business Problems

We think it’s fun to solve hard problems. And we look for people who have the resourcefulness, creativity and perseverance needed to solve the big, hard problems you face in your business. The people on the Creativ Eras team enjoy building things, building great systems for our clients, building great software for our industry and building a great company.

We take a great deal of pride in the positive results that our clients achieve with our help. The Creativ Eras leadership team has built a stellar reputation for being results-oriented, ethical business people who have a deep understanding of our clients and the software industry. Our clients view us as a valued business partner and we work creatively to earn their trust and respect every day.

IFNOSS Philosophy

At Creativ Eras we understand that your business challenges are unique to your line of work. Our comprehensive industry suites dont require customization because they already deliver industry-specific functionality and support processes that are critical to micro-verticals like yours.

Our mission is to help millions love their work by re-imagining the way business applications are developed, designed, and deployed creating the kind of business applications that we'd love to use. Creativ Eras mission revolves around providing unflinching, untiring and unwavering support & services to clients and, in turn, empowering them with customised and optimised e-business solutions.

Built for the cloud. Proven in the cloud.
We have a very high customer satisfaction rating of any major enterprise application vendor.

Simple. Intuitive. And built for the future.
Our enterprise application is simple, intuitive, and built for the cloud-computing and mobile revolutions.

Because speed wins.
Our technology innovation is racing forward in constant pursuit of what’s possible and what’s expected.

The smartest way to make business decisions.
Our suite of enterprise applications allows you to easily collect and use data for fact-based decision-making.

Safety from the start.
Our data protection program is founded on strict policies and procedures regarding access, use, disclosure, and transfer of customer data.