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Universities, Colleges and Schools often spend millions of dollars to implement modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects that can take two, three, or more years to implement. The early report cards coming in from across the different countries on ERP projects in higher education show mixed results. Through IFNOSS, we provide a framework for approaching an ERP that could save your University/ College millions of dollars and could be implemented in less than three months of time.


IFNOSS has been designed to cover the in depth functionalities of any Educational Institute / University / Group of Institutions, from the perspective of various users carrying different roles and responsibilities such as Students, Teachers, Staff, Principal, Management, Parents, Alumni etc. All the data is managed in a time sensitive manner along with the rules and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is.

The strength of IFNOSS increases many fold with the integration of our other ERP packages like HR, Library, Enquiry, Transport, Hostel, Accounts & Inventory etc. However, the entire solution is designed based on a modular approach that gives flexibility to our clients to choose desired modules as per their requirements.

IFNOSS has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of various education institutes and in close coordination with the educationists, chartered accountants and quality management personals of distinction, to help you to run all your Institute related functions in more efficient, productive and comfortable manner.

The primary purpose of our IFNOSS is to provide mechanism for automated processing and management of the entire institution. It reduces data error and ensures that information is managed efficiently and is always up-to-date. Complete student histories for all school years, can easily be searched, viewed and reported on press of button with the help of our solution.

The solution continues to serve educational institutions by developing additional programs and updating solutions with new, more efficient and customized versions that incorporate new administrative features requested by different Universities and Colleges.

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Institutes
  • Language Schools
  • Computer Institutes
  • Franchisee Institutions

Education Software Version of IFNOSS

University / College

IFNOSS UCMS to manage all data related to university and college with single or multiple campuses

Schools / Pre Schools

IFNOSS SMS is a school management system for managing all aspects of students, attendance, staff etc.


IFNOSS IMS is the version for all kinds of institutes administration.